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Over 20 years ago, The CAD Society was formed to bring together a community of CAD users of all types, levels and generations. Today’s CAD Society is a way for users to have an industry voice that is related to all the CAD products, industry-wide and across the entire globe. The CAD Society is global: It is created to be appropriate to users of every level: students, users of every level, vendors, developers and pundits. And we are currently ‘freshening up’ the CAD Society web site to reflect its expanded mission to all members, everywhere.

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Being a member of the CAD Society has its benefits! As a student or Full member, you get to access valuable CAD software and engineering hardware discounts that more than offset the cost of membership.

Benefit from hundreds of dollars of discounts from CAD and hardware vendors, as a member of The CAD Society!

• Current Member-only offers include: up to 10% discount from HP workstations and plotters
• Up to 80% discount from a 3D model from Innovate3D
• Up to 50% discount from OpenCAD's Online training
• Up to 30% off VersaCAD from Archway Systems
• Up to 20% off Rhino3D via Archway Systems
• And much more.

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Are you concerned about the decline in qualified engineers in your region? We are, and feel that promoting engineering is of the utmost importance at every level - local schools through to federal government. The CAD Society is working hard to develop volunteer programs that promote engineering and design in all its forms. And even if you have just one spare hour in a month, or a few spare hours per week, you can make a difference.

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But wait! There’s more! As we build membership, so we will be opening the web site up to Forums, discussions, job listing and member communication tools, that will be relevant to everyone.


04/22/10 - 20 Engaging Engineer Volunteers Needed for High School Engineering Fair, May 26th 2010

04/12/10 - CAD Society Announces Roopinder Tara of Tenlinks as the winner of the 2010 CAD Society Community Award

04/12/10 - CAD Society Announces Ping Fu of Geomagic as Winner of the 2010 CAD Society Leadership Award

04/12/10 -CAD Society Announces Michael Payne as the winner of the 2010 CAD Society Lifetime Achievement Award