A Guide on Living Alone: How to Keep Yourself from Being a Total Slob

Living alone offers you independence. During the weekends, you can sleep in, and no one will bother you. You get to eat what you want. You can even drink straight from the milk carton. And no one will scold you for leaving the socks on the floor. You can be messy if you want, but this is not always a good thing.

You may tolerate some level of messiness, but you still have to force yourself to clean yourself and your home as much as possible. If your home stays messy, you are making it a breeding ground for bacteria, virus and allergens, which may cause you to go sick. Fight the urge of becoming a total slob. For starters, here are some of the things you can do:

Embrace minimalism

In Singapore, living spaces are usually small and limited. Bringing in a lot of things and items will just make your home crowded. If you want to maximise your space, you need to embrace minimalism. Buy only the essentials, and make sure every piece of furniture or appliance in your home is functional. A minimalist home is much easier to clean and organise.

Change the layout of your home 

While you are transitioning to a much simpler home, you may want to change the design of your home. Do it in such a way that will allow you to store things much more easily. Do away with large furniture pieces and buy furnishings that suit the space requirements of your home in Singapore. Get multi-purpose fixtures or buy a small sofa online.

Home renovation

Pick up new good habits

Having a clean home does not happen easily — it is built on a series of good habits. Start with what you can easily change. For example, if it is your habit to leave the socks on the floor once you get home, this time, put them in the laundry basket right away. Before having your meal, you may want to clean your cookware quickly, so you won’t get overwhelmed by the dishes later. The moment you wake up, you should make your bed before going to the bathroom.

Don’t be a perfectionist

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Do not be a perfectionist, as you will find yourself wasting time obsessing on cleanliness. This will only make you feel tired, and eventually, it may make you give up. As mentioned, you need to have small habits first. From there, it will be easier and faster to clean and maintain your home. 

Having your own space should not give you the licence to become a slob. Instead, it should inspire you to be organised and disciplined. After all, having a clean and orderly space gives you comfort and convenience. It helps you access your things much more easily. Also, you will feel more confident entertaining guests. There may be some challenges that will come your way, but when you are willing to make some adjustments, cleaning up will eventually become a habit, your second nature.

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