Choosing Vinyl Plank for Stylish and Safe Stairs

When it comes to stairs, safety and style are top priorities. With over a million staircase accidents reported annually in the U.S., finding the right material is crucial. Let’s explore the suitability of vinyl plank for stairs by addressing three key questions: Is it safe? Is it easy to install? Is it the best choice?

Using a simple slipometer test, the presenter compares the slip resistance of vinyl plank, hardwood, and carpet. Surprisingly, vinyl plank stands out as a safer option, offering 50% more resistance than hardwood.

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The installation process, although rated 8 out of 10 for difficulty, is manageable for those who are handy and patient.

Personal preferences play a role, with a recommendation for a darker, stain-resistant carpet for main steps. Hardwood is discouraged due to its slipperiness, while vinyl plank gets a thumbs up for basement stairs, providing a good grip and proving durable over time. Throughout the installation, the importance of stair molding, especially in securing nosings and achieving a seamless fit, is emphasized.

Despite some trial and error in the installation process, the benefits of vinyl plank, including safety and durability, make it an appealing choice for those seeking a stylish and secure staircase. Stair molding becomes a crucial element, contributing not only to safety but also enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the stairs.


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