Not Enough Pots: The Plant Parent’s Current Obsession with Pots and Planters

Part of taking care of plants is giving them a nice pot. Think of it as their clothes, making them presentable to everyone else in the room. Aside from this, having cute and pretty pots add to the appeal of your indoor garden, as they also serve as décor for your home.

Millennials’ obsession with plants has different alleged reasons. The plant obsession caters to millennials’ collective advocacy for mental health because plants promote calmness, relaxation, productivity, focus, and creativity. Plants have become the new pets as pets are now treated like children as some millennials prefer not to have children.

Nevertheless, plants are good for physical health. One benefit of plants is they help maintain good indoor air quality, so even if you procrastinate on cleaning your dryer vent or AC filters—although you shouldn’t—there’s something in the room that cleans the air.

This obsession is not crazy after all, and you can get more benefits than you bargained for—millennial or not. Along with the crazy plant parent obsession and the indoor jungle fascination comes the pot and planters obsession.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes have become a staple to the modern garden. It looks stylish but minimalist and also undoubtedly pretty. These hexagons, octagons, and more additional number of sides are usually just enough for table décor. They make good accents for an empty side table or coffee table. Because they’re quite small, they’re great homes for succulents.

Everyday shapes

Imagine walking into a room full of plants in pots shaped like everyday objects—and even body parts. The things that you would not have minded about before somehow become cute and aesthetically pleasing once they have plants in them. These pots are shaped like mugs, wine bottles, the female body, teeth, etc. When somebody said, “You can be whatever you want to be,” none of these things probably thought they’d become pots.

Art pieces

Artsy people have a knack for turning everything into an art piece. Whether it’s a discarded piece of wood or the accumulated acrylic on their studio floor, there’s no doubt that anything can become an art. This time, its pots that don’t usually gain a lot of attention as the plain and standard terra cotta pot becomes the new canvas. What’s great about this is you can commission a local artist to customize the pot for you. You’re not only making your garden pretty, but you’re also supporting a local artist.

indoor plants


Groot is arguably everyone’s favorite adorable tree. We’ve seen him as a fully formed adult. We’ve seen him sacrifice himself to save others, but a part of him is saved. So, the fandom watched him grow from a small plant in a pot to an angsty teenager. Well, Marvel calls him a “sentient alien tree,” and the fans love him. It’s probably a huge nudge into being plant parents, so much so that there’s a Baby Groot pot available in the market. His head is the planter, and as the plant grows, it’s as if Groot’s hair is growing, too.


Having sculptures around the house gives a luxurious touch. It’s like you’re in Greek museums, and the only thing lacking are large columns. Just like Groot, these sculptures have planters on top of their heads. The popular ones take on the shape of Greek gods and goddesses with the iconic head tilt. Some of them are Buddha head planters that add to the feeling of serenity brought by plants. These planters are great decorative items on shelves or in the office space.

A Little Housekeeping

Don’t forget that plants are not for decorative purposes only. They need tender loving care, and they need to survive. Make sure to do the basics from watering them every day to giving them adequate sunlight. If you plan to place these planters in a room that doesn’t receive enough sunlight, it’s best to take them out every morning or afternoon to get some sun.

When this gets too high maintenance, you can plant hardy plants in them instead. Popular options for indoor plants are the Snake Plant, Pothos, and Spider Plant. These have relatively smaller varieties that can fit in every planter size, and they survive with a little amount of sunlight and water.

While these pots and planters are cute, they should also be livable for the plants. If they don’t come with a hole at the bottom, a gardening day can get extra dirty by drilling a hole on your own. Enjoy your indoor garden, turn it into a jungle, and breathe in the clean air. Plants are amazing like that.

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