What to Know When Building a Home

There are thousands of ways to build custom homes. The most difficult part of the process is the beginning. The initial steps involve establishing a budget, securing a loan, and choosing the right area based on factors like commute and proximity to desirable schools. Gordon recommends using tools like Houzz and Pinterest to determine the home style and encourages hiring a realtor, the right builder, architect, and designer.

Highlighting the importance of a suitable contract, he suggests obtaining proven contracts from local builders’ associations for essential protection.

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Gordon touches on budget considerations, including construction loans, the bid process, and contract types, cautioning against cost-plus contracts and favoring fixed-price contracts.

The video underscores the significance of finding local home builders early in the process to design within budget rather than relying on the bid process. It also addresses potential pitfalls of the bid process, emphasizing the importance of selecting professionals early to avoid underestimating costs and compromising on quality.

Using ideas you see online while staying within your budget are key factors in creating the custom home of your dreams. Utilizing professionals and their opinions will streamline the stressful process. Quality is the highest priority, make sure the standard is kept high so satisfaction is guaranteed.

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