5 Ways to Refresh Your Al Fresco Restaurants Ambiance

Al fresco dining became a popular setup that can help restaurants during the pandemic. This kind of dining can really help in terms of air circulation. Over time, many customers have become accustomed to dining outdoors. This is primarily because of the fresh air they can enjoy while dining.

However, keeping a restaurant’s ambiance more appealing became challenging to entrepreneurs. They now have to find ways to make their customers’ dining experience more enjoyable despite the hot weather. Here are some ways that you can do to help keep your restaurant’s ambiance fresh:

Change up your tables and chairs

Tables and chairs are an essential part of any restaurant’s ambiance. Not only do they provide a place for diners to sit and enjoy their meal, but they also play a role in setting the overall tone of the restaurant. For example, a formal dining room is typically furnished with heavy wood tables and chairs. At the same time, casual eateries might have lighter-weight tables and chairs made from materials like metal or plastic.

By changing up your restaurant’s tables and chairs, you can easily create a new ambiance that will surely please your guests. For a quick and easy update, try swapping out your current furniture for pieces in a different style or material. You may be surprised at how much of a difference it makes in your restaurant’s overall look and feel.

Improve your landscape

Landscape plays a crucial role, especially for restaurants offering al fresco dining. A beautiful landscape can really add to the overall ambiance of your restaurant. If you haven’t done so, now is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space. Add some potted plants or flowers to your tables and chairs, or consider hanging some lanterns or string lights to create a more romantic setting.

If you want to give your landscape an extra boost, the best thing to do is to call a commercial landscaping company. While doing things on your own can save you some money, it’s important to remember that professional landscapers have the experience and expertise to make your outdoor space pop. They can turn your restaurant into a true oasis that your guests will love.

Hang string lights

restaurant string lights outdoor ambiance

You can make outdoor dining more enjoyable for your guests by hanging string lights. This can be done in different ways. You can either drape them over the tables or hang them from trees. They will not only provide illumination but will also add to the ambiance of your restaurant.

If possible, try to hang the lights in such a way that they can be turned on and off easily. This way, you can create different ambiances depending on the time of day or night. For example, you can turn on the lights for a romantic dinner setting or turn them off for a more casual lunch.

String lights are also very versatile and can be used to create a variety of looks, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect style for your restaurant.

Play soft music in the background

Whether trying to set the mood for a romantic dinner or just create a more pleasant dining experience for your customers, playing soft music in the background can be a great way to improve restaurant ambiance. But it’s not just about choosing the right playlist – studies have shown that the volume of the music is just as important. If it’s too loud, it can be jarring and disruptive, but if it’s too soft, it can get lost in the restaurant’s noise and go unnoticed.

The ideal volume level is around 50-60 decibels – enough to be audible but not so loud that it becomes intrusive. And when choosing the right tunes, slower, softer songs are generally best. Upbeat music can be energizing and make people feel like they must hurry up and finish their meal, but slower songs help encourage a relaxed, leisurely dining experience.

Encourage customers to come during cooler hours

Dining outside can be very pleasant during cooler hours. The temperature is not too hot, and there is usually a cool breeze. This is the perfect time to dine at the al fresco.

If you want to encourage customers to come during these hours, you can offer discounts or promotions. For example, you can offer a 20% discount on dinner if they come between 5 pm and 7 pm. This will not only encourage people to come during cooler hours, but it will also give them an incentive to come back to your restaurant.

The bottom line

Al fresco dining can be a fun and enjoyable experience for both customers and restaurant owners. But in order to make the most of it, you need to create a pleasant ambiance. By following these tips, you can easily do that. So go ahead and give them a try!

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