Home Renovation during the Pandemic: Should You DIY or Hire a Contractor?

Did you know that home remodeling projects have surged during this pandemic? This is because many households are reevaluating their living spaces as they get stuck at home. They realize that their homes are their life’s biggest assets, which will eventually serve as their comfort zones when they retire. Hence, it makes sense to boost their homes’ aesthetics, functionality, safety, and comfort.

But when it comes to a home renovation project, you have the option to take the do-it-yourself (DIY) route or hire a contractor. That is not to say that one option is better than the other. Of course, it depends on what type of home renovation project you’ll pursue. Plus, you’ll have to factor in your knowledge, skills, and expertise to see if you can carry out a DIY project.

In this article, we’ll help you decide between the two: take the DIY approach or hire a contractor. Keep on reading to learn more.

Taking the DIY approach vs. Hiring a Contractor

As mentioned above, a home renovation can either be performed by yourself or carried out by a professional contractor. Of course, you can decide on this based on a handful of factors. But you must consider two key things:

  • The kind of project and how complex it is
  • Your skill level in construction and how much time you have for this

Once you have these key things in mind, you’ll gauge if you can pursue a home renovation project all by yourself or you need the help of an expert contractor.

When to consider a DIY home renovation

For the most part, many homeowners can pursue simple home improvement or remodeling projects. These include aesthetic touches, light demolition, simple installations, and straightforward carpentry. Below are a few examples of these:

  • Painting the house (both interior and exterior)
  • Installing a flooring (whether carpet, laminate, or vinyl flooring)
  • Having a little kitchen upgrade (such as installing a backsplash)
  • Installing outdoor spaces (simple deck or patio, walkway, or driveway)

These types of projects require basic construction skills, knowledge, and expertise. They do not require approvals, licenses, permits, and high levels of expertise. They can also be carried out during this pandemic since most households stay in the comfort of their homes.

home improvement diy

When to get a contractor

To determine if you need a contractor for your home renovation project, it boils down to one thing — needing a special permit or a license to work on a project. This simply means that the project is most likely complicated. Not only does it require knowledge and skills in construction, but it also demands a field of specialization and a high level of expertise. Below are some home renovation projects where you need to get a contractor:

  • Bathroom remodeling (replacing a bathtub, installing tile walls, plumbing works, etc.)
  • Kitchen renovation (installing an island, building a fire safety mechanism, etc.)
  • Home exterior project (replacing doors and windows, installing siding, replacing a roof, etc.)
  • Plumbing and pipework
  • Electrical and power-related renovations
  • Full house renovation

What factors to consider when looking for a contractor

If you’re looking for a contractor, there are a few considerations to make. Consider the following key factors below:

  • License and insurance: Be sure that your contractor has the license to operate in construction. As much as possible, they have undergone the necessary training and certification such as the Construction Skills Certification Scheme or CSCS test. Also, make sure that your hired contractor is insured. As accidents are inevitable during a construction project, you want to ensure they are protected and that you won’t be held legally responsible.
  • Construction knowledge and skills: Their knowledge and skills in construction can impact the overall success of your home renovation project. To check these, look at their portfolios and set an appointment with a few worthy prospects. Ask the right questions during the interview. From there, you’ll be able to decide on the right contractor best suited for your construction project.
  • Industry experience and areas of expertise: While you’re at it, don’t forget to ask how long they’ve been in the industry. The longer they are, the better. However, it’s best to ask what they specialize in. Whether it’s a kitchen renovation, a bathroom remodeling, or a full house renovation, you’ll be able to decide who’s best suited for your project.

At this point, you now know what it takes to have a DIY project and hire a contractor for your home renovation. Whether it’s a full house renovation or a partial one, be sure to consider all the valuable information discussed above. Ultimately, your decision will greatly impact the overall success of your home renovation project.

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