Take the Stress Out of Home Maintenance with These Simple Strategies

Maintaining a house can be a stressful task, especially for first-time homeowners. Your home maintenance to-do list can be endless. Dealing with repairs is another source of headaches. Don’t forget about the costs of each maintenance task and repair. Thankfully, there are things you can do to make home maintenance and repair a lot less stressful. With a bit of organization, planning, saving, and outsourcing, you can trim the stress while keeping up with your regular home upkeep.

Don’t Take Your Home Maintenance Fund for Granted

Many first-time homeowners think their initial cost is the house itself. But aside from all the expenses associated with the home purchase and your regular utility bills, there are other costs you have to settle. This includes home maintenance and repair.

Now that you no longer have a landlord, you are now responsible for every maintenance tasks and repairs for your home. The sad thing about this is that sometimes, the costs are nowhere cheap. Some tasks will come unexpectedly. Other issues will start small and will eventually grow along with the expense if you fail to address them asap.

If you want peace of mind, make sure you save money each month dedicated to home maintenance and repairs. This way, you can have something to rely on in case a water pipe bursts, your roof needs repair or your HVAC system needs a bit of maintenance. Your home maintenance emergency fund will depend on the size and type of your home, its current condition, and the overall age of the structure.

Stick to a Regular Home Maintenance Schedule

Wise homeowners take their home maintenance schedule seriously. They have a seasonal home maintenance checklist containing the tasks they need to tackle before each season starts and ends, along with their monthly, biannual, and annual home maintenance tasks. They divide the tasks according to importance. While doing inspections and maintenance, they make sure to take note of any wear, tear, or needed replacement and schedule the necessary repairs asap.

Scheduled home upkeep can help you tackle every home maintenance tasks you need to take without taking up too much of your time. You can work with companies that offer seasonal services such as spring cleaning services, pre-season HVAC maintenance, etc. This allows you to check which parts of the house need immediate repair and you can have an idea which ones you need to replace the soonest time possible. Avoid surprise maintenance costs and avoid unnecessary headaches caused by sudden expensive repairs.

Keep Things Organized

It is a must that you keep your home clean and organized. It is also a must that you keep your tools, equipment, and solutions in locked spaces. This will make it easier for you to find the things you need and ensure the safety of everyone living with you, especially young children.

It is also a good idea to keep everything related to your home maintenance in a safe place. Think of appliance manuals and warranty slips stored in a box or binder in an alphabetized order. Keep another copy of your contacts that lists the companies you trust to do home maintenance and repairs.

Don’t forget to keep a home maintenance and repair log book. List a history of all the maintenance and repairs you did and note the dates and contractor if any. If you replace any appliance, make sure to add the details to your list. Write the materials used and replaced and date any home improvement or renovation that occurred for easy reference.

Outsource Home Services Wisely

Home maintenance

There are times when you will be inspired to do your home maintenance. However, once you come across tasks that are out of your league, it would be best to outsource home services instead. This way, you can ensure your house is in competent hands.

It is always a good idea to ask for recommendations from the people you trust. You can also do a quick local search of the companies that can help you tackle specific projects. Check on their credentials and reviews. It is better if you hire companies that carry insurance. This way, you know you are covered in case something goes wrong.

Keep a contact list of contractors you will surely need in the future. This includes possible plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, etc. List the company name, address, website, contact details, and contact person, if any.

Owning a home is a privilege that comes with a whole load of responsibilities. You need to maintain it regularly if you want fewer hassles and fewer costly consequences. If you want every maintenance task and repair project to be more manageable, then consider adapting this list

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