A Look Into Why Your Home Looks Bleak and What You Can do to Improve It

  • Poor lighting can make a home look bleak and uninviting.
  • Balance thrift items with more personal pieces to reflect personality.
  • Use a unifying color scheme to create a coherent design in the home.
  • Add plants to improve air quality and give life to the space.
  • Upgrade dated decor with new items or refinishing for a modern look.

Are you tired of looking at your home and feeling underwhelmed? Does your living space lack energy, vibrancy, and coziness? While it is entirely normal for homeowners to feel dissatisfied with their living spaces, it is essential to identify the underlying reasons. Given that you spend a significant portion of your day in your home, it is crucial to ensure a suitable environment. Here’s a look into why some Americans find their home bleak, its reasons, and how you can improve it over time.

Why Some Americans Hate Their Homes

Some Americans hate their homes for some reason. One leading reason is that it’s small. Usually, there’s not enough space for them to store the things they own. However, another leading reason is that they find their home bleak. Most American homes have boring decorations, a lack of energy, and dull colors.

Poor Lighting

Lighting plays a critical role in the ambiance of your home. Poor lighting can make your home look bleak, dull, and uninviting. It can also affect your overall productivity. Consider purchasing floor, table, or overhead lights if your home lacks natural lighting. Such lighting fixtures add warmth, dimension, and an aura of cheerfulness to your living space. Consider choosing light bulbs with color temperatures that mimic natural daylight to create an environment that feels fantastic.

Thrifted Items

While repurposing thrift items for decor is trendy, using too much of them makes your living space look bland. When it comes to decor, balance is key. Consider pairing a few thrift items with art pieces, family photos, or new furniture in your living space. A beautiful home reflects your personality, so infuse your living space with color and character.

Lack Cohesiveness

Have you ever walked into a house, and it seemed like each room belonged to a different family? Chaos and cluttered words come to mind when thinking about such an environment. Consider using a unifying color scheme to ensure your home has coherent design elements. Additionally, prioritize decluttering and removing nonessential items for a cleaner and more organized space.

Indoor plants for home

Lack of Plants

Studies show that plants have therapeutic effects on humans and improve the air quality in your home. A lack of plants can make your home look dull and lifeless. Consider strategically placing snake plants, pothos, or palms in your home. Such plants add life, color, and energy to your living space.

Dated Decor

Certain decor elements, such as carpets, curtains, wall art, and furniture, can age. Dated decor can make your home look ancient and uninviting. Consider upgrading such items to create a fresh and modern look. You don’t have to break the bank to do this. Consider repainting or refinishing furniture, changing curtains, or purchasing new art pieces that reflect a modern ambiance.

How to Get Inspiration For Your Home

If you lack the inspiration for designing your home, you can find it in various places. Here are four places you should visit to get inspiration for your home.


One of the places you should visit with your partner to get inspiration is a restaurant. Restaurants are great places to observe how elegant furniture pieces, beautiful lighting fixtures, and exciting wall art can tie together in a space. Visit your local dinner restaurant and check what they have to offer. You might even get a few ideas for your kitchen and grab some ideas for the next food you’d want to make together.


Museums are great places to observe how colors, textures, furniture pieces, and artwork can all be incorporated into a space. You will also get an idea of the different types of lighting you can use to create the perfect ambiance.

Bookstore aesthetic


Bookstores are not just about books; they are beautiful spaces with exciting decor elements. Check out how the store is designed and take notes on which items caught your attention. Consider incorporating these decor elements into your home for a consistent, well-designed look.

Online Sources

Finally, you should explore online sources for inspiration. Perusing social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest can give you ideas on color schemes, texture combinations, furniture pieces, and wall art.

There are numerous reasons why some Americans find their home bland and uninviting. Poor lighting, lack of plants, dated decor, thrifted items, and a lack of cohesiveness can all contribute to an unattractive living space. Consider visiting restaurants, museums, bookstores, and online sources for inspiration and ideas on upgrading your home over time. With the right design elements, you can fall in love with your home again!

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