Floor Remodeling: the Latest Wood Flooring Styles to Choose From

Choosing the type of flooring to install in your home can be a never-ending process. With so many choices, many opt to go for what’s trending. While shag carpet and linoleum came in and out quickly, hardwood flooring never goes out of style. It’s a foolproof choice for any interior, whatever the year.

For years, pine and red oak were the typical wood used for hardwood flooring. Today, there are a lot of materials to choose from. From teak to bamboo, there’s something for every homeowner’s style. It can make any interior look elegant and sophisticated. It can even increase a home’s value.

Hardwood floors, however, involve a substantial investment. Thus, it’s crucial to choose the right style before it’s installed or else, you might regret it. Once you’ve already splurged on it, you’ll have no extra left for another floor remodeling. And for this reason, you should work only with good home contractors who can help you with the selection process.

In today’s article, you’ll learn of the latest styles in hardwood flooring that you can use for your next floor remodeling project.

The Unfinished Look

The unfinished look you’ll see mostly in stores today is not necessarily bare and, well, unfinished. It’s still coated with a transparent finish that most manufacturers call an “invisible oil.”

The unfinished look can go with your interior if you’re aiming for a rustic theme. The look of unfinished wood can reflect your interior’s ruggedness and natural beauty. In the same way, it’s a great choice if you have kids or pets in the house. Considering the unfinished look has no sheen, it’ll hide any scratches on your flooring.

Remember, though, that any finish can modify how the wood looks. Make sure that you communicate well with your contractor for the look that you want to achieve.

The Distressed Look

The distressed look originates from the idea of using wood from old barns and other residential structures. But since it’s not easy to acquire such materials, let alone find hundreds of old structures to supply all homes with old wood.

If you’re home features a shabby chic interior, the distressed look can be ideal for you. The scrapes, holes, and raised grains in them combines both old and new beautifully. They look worn and aged, but their charm emerges when mixed with soft colors and dainty accents.

If you’ve originally thought of going for hand-scraped or wire-brushed flooring, distressed hardwood flooring is a better choice.

man sanding down wood flooring

The Matte Look

Just half a decade ago, matte finish became a trend when the popular German car maker, Mercedes, launched a race car with matte paint. Today, matte paint finishes are no longer just for the automotive industry. It can also be enjoyed by the home design and build professions.

While a matte finish can seem dull to some, its non-gloss and sandy appearance can be perfect if you’re looking for a style that will go with your contemporary interiors. It’s sleek, fresh, and modern. And, it’s great no matter what the color of your flooring is.

While matte finish has been trending in various industries since its re-introduction in the market, experts believe its popularity will stay longer. As the country is gradually introduced to smart homes, homeowners want to build or remodel a house that reflects current, modern culture. In fact, according to Remodelista, the look will become even more popular in the next several years.

The Dark Look

If you want a modern farmhouse or country cottage interior, the dark look is your best choice. It can emphasize the color and brightness of your walls, furniture, and decor. However, there is one caveat. It can make pet hair and specks of dust more visible.

If you’re following this route, ask your contractor for black or ebonized hardwood flooring. If you want a lighter color than black but still maintain dark flooring, go with a gray-toned finish. Dirt and dust don’t appear that much on this flooring.

The Green Look

Climate change and global warming are huge concerns today. Because of this, customers are looking for sustainable flooring that doesn’t involve cutting trees. Manufacturers’ answer is the use of alternative, but still wooden, materials. To date, according to House Logic, sustainable wooden flooring can either be cork or bamboo.

Consider Refinishing Instead

If you’re on a budget and you have the time, simply re-sand and then refinish your old hardwood floor. Even if your floor is old and in poor condition, you can still restore it with refinishing touches.

Now you know the latest wood flooring styles. All you have to do is choose one that will go with your interiors. Use the tips here to get you started with your floor remodeling project.

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