5 Tips to Revamp Your Kitchen

Cooking enthusiasts all dream of having a sophisticated and sleek-looking kitchen. But of all the rooms in the house, this can be the hardest area to redecorate. That’s because of all the different appliances that find its home in the room. The stove may not match the colour of the walls, or the rice cooker is too big to look neatly placed on the countertop. But there are plenty of ways to revamp the entire look of your kitchen. Here are some tips.

Paint the furniture

The cheapest and quickest way to revamp your entire kitchen is to do some painting. Your wooden cupboards and drawers might need a splash of color. There’s nothing that can bring more life to a room than freshly done paint! Think of how you want your kitchen to look and find a colour to suit that theme. Do you want a modern, sophisticated kitchen? Then go with black and white. Or you can have fun with different colours to bring more life into the room.

Make appliance and furniture upgrades

There’s nothing that drains the life out of a room more than old, broken furniture and appliances. You might be hanging on to your old, rugged stove for too long. So, consider getting new kitchen appliances to ramp up the looks of the room.

And don’t underestimate the details! The cabinet handles might seem too tiny to even be noticed, but this can hugely impact the kitchen’s appearance. Don’t leave any knob or appliance unmodified if you want to completely revamp your kitchen.

Change the lighting

You probably have seen a kitchen on TV or a magazine that makes you want to have the same look in your home. But do you know what adds to the overall effect and feel of a room more than anything else? Lighting! Simply changing the lights in your kitchen will go a long way in renewing the energy in the room.

Of course, lighting is a sensitive topic when it comes to the kitchen. That’s because you want it to look cozy and inviting, but at the same time, you want enough light so you can see what you’re cooking clearly. Consider warm, yellow light, while having pin lights on essential areas like the counter top and stove.

Add a carpet

You might be thinking that a carpet doesn’t belong in the kitchen considering how messy cooking sessions can get. But they really do a lot in making a room seem more inviting. Plus, it’s an easy way to revamp your kitchen without you having to spend a lot on renovations. If you’re worried about getting too much mess on your carpet, place them in strategic situations. And then merely use decorative rugs for mess-prone places like under the sink or by the stove.

Be smart about storage

Kitchen interior

What makes a kitchen look messy and unappealing is all the clutter. It can be hard to stay organized in the kitchen with all the different cooking tools and appliances that are stored there. But if you stay smart about your storage, you can definitely achieve that minimalistic and neat kitchen look. Consider adding racks and shelves and create more space to hide all your kitchen paraphernalia. This will make it look neat and tidy, brightening up the overall look of the room instantly.

If you’ve been dreaming of that sleek, sophisticated-looking kitchen for a while, now might be the time to remodel. These tips, as simple as they may seem, can breathe new life into your kitchen at a cheap cost!

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