Stylish and Modern Colors for Your Home’s Exteriors

If you’re thinking of improving your home’s curb appeal, now is a great time to do so. Summer is coming up, which means you and your family will probably spend more time in your yard, and your home has to look wonderful for the pictures. Another consideration is that warm weather will be much more forgiving towards whatever changes you plan to make. One of the best ways to give your home a quick modern upgrade is by giving it an exterior home paint job. Here are some stylish and modern colors to upgrade your home’s exteriors this 2021.

Creamy whites

Regular white is out; creamy, warmer whites are in! This is because a true, stark white paint job can easily look too sterile, giving off the vibe of a clinic or a hospital, whereas a creamier, more off-white version can provide a more homey and warm look to your home’s exteriors. To make the colors stand out further, pair them with wood accents to ensure that your home does not look too pale or neutral.


If you’re tired of all the cream and beige homes in your neighborhood, consider their more offbeat yet still stylish cousin: the grays. These colors can range from a stark gray with much cooler undertones to the types of grays so warm they have a hint of green. If you want the outside of your home to provide a “zen” feeling, these types of grays can be your go-to.

exterior of home


Beige is a classic for a reason. Beige will always be a staple for exterior paint because it is warm in undertone but does not necessarily turn yellow as time goes by and when done right. There’s a reason why Instagram influencers and their mothers choose this color for their homes and their filters. It’s extremely flattering and can instantly boost every home design and shape.


This may seem like an intimidating option, but hear me out: When paired with actual accents that are made of bronze metals, like the furniture on your patio or porch lights made of bronze, it can genuinely look good.

Pale green or blue

There is something about these two colors that just immediately provide a sense of calm to those who see them. There’s a reason why many of us love the sea; it calms us down and cools our senses. Pale blue and green as our home’s colors are no exception. Consider using these two options for the doors or the windows, and couple them with creamy white walls and gorgeous trees that envelop your home.


If you truly want your property to stand out amongst a sea of more basic paint jobs, consider using two tones for your home’s exteriors. Think of two on-trend colors that complement each other, like Benjamin Moore’s Barley Harvest and French Vanilla. To truly give it a unique vibe, choose one color for the bottom and one for the top or two different colors for the sides. This trend is gaining traction for many homeowners, and you want to get ahead of the curve before it becomes overdone.


Another intimidating paint color to try is a true black, but you can ease your way into it by using it as a secondary color or accent color. If you have dark gray wood accents, black can be a surprisingly striking complement to those materials and shades. This unexpected color might give your property an edge over the other homes in your area.


While high-quality colors and textures are truly a game-changer for your home’s curb appeal, you might also find that adding some stain to make your walls look like wood might provide your home with a more earthy look. It will give your exteriors the feel of being made from more natural elements, and wood is a wonderful way to embrace the trend of celebrating nature and the outdoors.

60-30-10 rule

And last but not least, before you can break the rules, make sure you know what they are first. The 60-30-10 design rule states that your primary color must occupy 60 percent of your space, your secondary color 30 percent, and accent color 10 percent. Choose three complementary colors to ensure that your choices will be more cohesive and be easy on the eyes.

Trust the experts to help you find the colors and brands that can look good and last a long time. By giving your home a paint job, you’re instantly adding to its long-term value and maintenance.

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