Skip or Do It? Renovation Projects That Can Help Sell Your Home Amid or After the Pandemic

Home remodeling projects are expected to remain popular—even as the number of COVID-19 vaccinations increases, and people can now go out and stop obsessing over their homes’ different flaws. But, if you’re planning to join the bandwagon, which projects should you take on? Which renovations are worth your time and money, and which projects should you skip? Also, think about those projects that can attract many buyers should you wish to sell your home amid or even after the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re overwhelmed by tons of choices for your next improvement project, here are some tips for you.

Do It: Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of a house—and that’s especially true during lockdowns amid a global pandemic. As they are forced to limit their trips outside, many people have fallen in love with their kitchen again. It has become the perfect spot for baking sourdough bread and experimenting with tons of home-cooked meals. Some even renovated their kitchen to have bigger cupboards, better flow, or a fresher design.

If you plan to put your property on the market in a few years, keep the trend of cooking at home in mind. Even after the pandemic, people will keep on cooking often at home, especially if they have already built that habit and have realized that home-cooked meals are healthier and more affordable than eating out.

Skip It: New Flooring

It’s tempting to throw down thousands of dollars on fancy flooring or wall-to-wall carpeting. But that might not be the smartest option when it comes to picking home improvement projects. Unless your flooring is hardwood, many buyers will likely rip it out to replace it with something that suits their taste better. It’s much better and way less expensive to refinish your floors or simply deep-clean it before the open house.

Do It: New Entryway

In the past year, many homeowners have added a spacious entryway to achieve that much-needed transitional space between the outside and inside a house. A well-designed entryway makes it easy for people to remove their shoes and outerwear and disinfect their hands before stepping inside their homes. If you want to attract home buyers amid or after a pandemic, a good entryway project can do the trick. Just keep in mind that an entryway shouldn’t only be spacious and functional; it should also be stylish as it can help create a good first impression on guests once entertaining guests at home become the norm again.

Do It: Backyard Renovation

backyard renovation

In times of lockdowns and travel bans, people miss going outdoors. So, some brought the indoors in. Many people designed their living rooms with Instagrammable indoor plants and scenic murals. Others chose to renovate their unused backyard, creating extra spaces for their families that are stuck at home.

You can go the backyard renovation route to attract a bunch of buyers in the future. With or without a pandemic, many homeowners want extra spaces that suit their lifestyle. But after the pandemic ends, home buyers, especially those who experienced living in cramped spaces during lockdowns, will more likely choose properties with huge, functional, and stylish outdoor spaces. Many people will want to have that extra space to continue their home workouts, have quality “me” time, or create a beautiful garden.

Backyard renovation, however, is a costly project. Be meticulous when planning and setting the budget. Research and get quotations to get more ideas on hardscaping costs or insulated patio roofing expenses.

Skip It: Converted Garage

Craving for extra space, some homeowners converted their garage into an additional bedroom or living area. While it’s a good project, it may not bode well for you if you plan to sell your home in the future. Many potential buyers still see a functioning garage to be a necessary asset. Plus converting your garage can take up a lot of your budget without a good return. Insulating the garage can be costly, not to mention that the project requires a lot of structural changes, from walls and windows to flooring and utilities.

Do It: Garage Door Upgrade

garage door

Want an alternative to garage conversion? How about upgrading your garage doors? A new insulated garage door can help make the indoor temperature of your home more comfortable. Also, a new and stylish garage door will make your home attractive to a potential buyer. It improves both your home’s curb appeal and security—two factors that can make a huge difference when selling a house in any area.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people live. So, keep that in mind when you’re renovating your home, especially if you have plans to put it on the market in the future. You shouldn’t only think of projects that accommodate your changing lifestyles but also those of buyers whom you want to attract in the future.

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