Five Brilliant Lighting Ideas for Your Garden

When you’re decorating your garden, you may be focusing on the flowers and the landscaping elements. And that is only right; after all, gardens are about the greens and other colors. But there’s one component that you should not forget, as it will also complement and highlight the beauty of your space: lighting.

Some homeowners make the mistake of choosing basic lighting for their outdoor spaces. However, if you want to make yours much more elegant during nighttime, the right choice of lights should be part of your list. You may be having troubles with the choices and specific ideas, but don’t worry, this article will help you out.

Below are some of the most important pointers you may want to keep in mind:

Spruce up your pergola

If you have a deck or a pergola, you may want to dress it up with the right choice of lights. For instance, you can install pendant lighting, which will easily turn your shed into a chic al fresco dining area. The posts can also be wrapped with fairy or string lights. Go for warm colors to make the vibe elegant.

Highlight the walls

Do light the walls for safety and beauty reasons. You can either go for wall washer lights, a type of light that scatters and covers a large portion of the wall, or LED wall pack lights. If you have steps and stairs in your garden, installing recessed lighting into the side walls will also keep anyone from tripping and getting injured.

Do something with the water features

garden fountain

Your water features do not just provide your garden with a dynamic aura or vibe. They can also be a wonderful medium in which lights can pass through. The movement of the water creates refraction, which is a great effect for light. You can either use a simple spotlight that is installed underwater or you may have overhead lighting that brightens up the surface of the pool or pond. Your fountains and swimming pools can benefit from this.

Brighten up the plants

Got valuable and exotic plants in your garden? You can let them capture your visitors’ attention by installing lights at the foot of the large pots. You can also hang some string lights on the branches of your tallest tree and create a light curtain. Your line of shrubs can also be lit up to make it look elegant.

Don’t forget the driveway

If you have a long driveway, you can make it look much more appealing by installing lights along it. You can set up a series of posts or line the lights on the ground leading up to your door. You can complement this set up by lighting up the shrubs of your front garden.

Plan creatively

If you want your garden to look good, appealing, and aesthetically pleasing, installing classy lights will do the trick. Plan creatively and seek inspiration from online magazines specializing in landscaping and garden beauty. You may also consult a reliable interior designer for this effort.

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