Forget Me Not: Household Tips for Doing Routine Maintenance

Certain areas and aspects in the house can withstand wear and tear for a long time before eventually breaking down. And because these rarely need taking care of, people often forget about them until it’s too late for maintenance.

When this happens, certain systems would need repairs to continue working. If they are no longer salvageable, it would mean a total replacement. But all these can be prevented by taking preventive measures such as routine checkups and regular cleaning.

Following these tips can help you extend the lives of your house systems or items without having to spend anything except for some of your time and effort. Here are some examples of systems that you may forget about until it’s too late to do anything:

The Garage Doorway

If you have a car, the chances are that you use the garage more often than your front door because you can access your house through the garage. Out of the many times that you open and close the automatic doors, did you ever stop to consider what you can do to maintain it?

Usually, automatic doors can be controlled by an opener that, when broken, can be easily taken care of. But what if the main doorway breaks? You would need to call an overhead door service to fix it because it isn’t something that can be done by just anyone. An expert in this field can help you with your problem, but routine checkups and proper maintenance will help you avoid this issue in the future.

The Drainage System

Unless you’re living in the desert, you would need a working drainage system in your house to get rid of the water brought by rain or snow. This system allows the water to automatically leave your yard through the drains so that it wouldn’t leave your grass muddy and slick.

It’s easy to forget about the drainage system until it floods your basement or enters your kitchen. But when that happens, it might mean that your drainage system needs to be replaced because it can no longer do its job properly.

The Electrical Wiring


If you find loose wiring or sockets around your house, you might think that the problem will be solved if you dismiss and avoid touching it. This can happen even when you don’t do anything to cause it. Electrical wirings are subject to heating and expansion, as well as cooling and contraction each time a switch is opened or an appliance is plugged in a socket.

All wirings eventually loosen over time even if there are many measures to prevent it. That’s just the nature of wirings and why it’s important to do routine checkups at least twice a year.

The Roof Panels

You’d think that once roof panels are installed on the house, nothing is left to do. But oftentimes, the problem with roofs occurs when some loose panels or leaks drip when it rains. Although this can be solved by placing a bucket to collect the dripping water, it can cause serious structural damage later on.

Besides leaving stains after it dries, water from leaks can also cause molding on the ceilings or walls. Leaking roofs can also damage the entire ceiling even if it only started as a few drips, causing the ceiling to collapse onto you. At the first sign of leaking, have your roof and ceiling inspected for structural damages or better yet, include it in your routine checkups.

The Ventilation

A house that does not have proper ventilation can be subject to moisture buildup that can damage your walls and interior structures. This moisture can seep into the walls as well as fabrics and create mold because of condensation.

A well-ventilated house allows air to circulate instead of increase the humidity. High humidity in such enclosed spaces is a hazard to your health and functions. If your house doesn’t have windows or a ventilation system in place, consider investing in them for your safety.

Treat your house like a living thing that needs to be taken care of too. Once you allow contaminants, faulty systems, or unwelcome water to reign in your house, it may be hard to bounce back from their repercussions.

Take preventive measures to ensure that your house stays in tip-top shape, especially if you’re spending most of your time at home. Doing routine checkups and proper maintenance on your house will give you your money’s worth as well as extend the life of your home.

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