Popular Home Improvement Projects during the Pandemic

As people spend more time at home due to their remote work arrangements, they tend to observe things they haven’t noticed before. They may find some areas in the house that they want to change or remodel. This has fueled the increase of remodeling projects ever since the pandemic started.

These remodeling projects have fueled the industry that has seen better days before the pandemic started. And since labor and materials have increased considerably, homeowners use their extra time to work on the projects themselves.

For major projects, they may end up hiring a couple of people who can work on the improvements for them.

Here are some of the more popular home improvement projects homeowners have made during the pandemic.


Many homeowners added a deck to the backyard of their homes. It increases the house’s outdoor living space at a fraction of the cost of an enclosed space. A deck also gives homeowners a place to hang out with family and friends over the weekend once the pandemic is over.

The cost of building a deck depends on the materials it uses and if the homeowner will make it without any professional help. If you build the deck yourself, you can expect to spend around $10 per square foot. But if you’re getting professional help, you can expect to pay around $25 per square foot. If you’re planning to hire people to work for you, make sure to get protective face masks for the construction workers.


Another popular home improvement project is landscaping. Landscaping can either be in the front yard or the back yard. They can increase the curb appeal of the property or increase its resale value. Homeowners can plant flowers, add shrubs, or make a flower or vegetable garden.

A vegetable garden offers a lot of benefits, especially during a pandemic. Besides giving the homeowner a source of fresh vegetables, taking care of the garden also offers several health benefits. It reduces anxiety, stress, and depression. A garden can also help people who are recovering from an illness.


Fence installation during the pandemic also went up. The demand for fence posts caused a slight shortage in supply to a point where homeowners had to improvise and source the materials elsewhere. Some source the materials from fence demolition projects, while others got them from dumpsters.

Installing a fence defines the space of the house and offers privacy, especially if the home has an outdoor living area. Some owners mix up the fencing materials with wood picket fences in front while a chain-link fence at the back. This is mainly to reduce the costs of installing fencing around the house.


Another popular home improvement project during the pandemic is roofing. Some homeowners turned to roof companies to work on this project since it is dangerous work that should only be done by a professional.

Homeowners either had the roof repaired or replaced altogether. Asphalt shingles were among the more popular materials homeowners used on their roof. Others opted to have their roof coated to reduce cooling costs in the house. Some roof coatings reflect harmful ultraviolet rays and heat to prolong the roof’s lifespan while keeping the home cool.

Aside from the roof, homeowners can also check the gutters and downspouts to see if they’re clogged. Clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to other future issues. So it’s best to check them before these issues come out.

house repaint

Exterior Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of the house was also popular among homeowners. Aside from increasing its curb appeal, the new coat of paint also increased the level of protection from the elements and pests.

A recent study also showed that a fresh coat of paint could increase resale value. So, if homeowners plan to sell their home in the future, they can give it a fresh coat of paint to increase its value. Besides the exterior walls, homeowners can also paint the front door and give it a color that can easily catch a person’s attention.

Interior Paint

Painting the exterior wasn’t enough for some homeowners. So they also worked on the interior of their homes and gave them a fresh coat of paint. For smaller rooms, they used brighter colors to make them look bigger. On the other hand, darker colors were mainly for large rooms and the home’s main walls.

Working on a home improvement project does not only make the home look better, but it also makes it comfier and relaxing for the homeowners who will likely work from home until the pandemic ends.

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