Secure Your Home With These Renovation Ideas

Your home is your safe place. It should keep you safe from extreme weather elements and other forces of nature. It should also protect you, your family, and your property from people with malicious intent. It can be a scary world out there, and you would want to keep your home as safe and secure as you can.

In fact, burglary is the third most common crime in the U.S. in 2019. California is the state that had the most number of burglaries on record at 152,555, followed by Texas at 113,902 in the same year. Vermont came in at last place with 1,275 reported burglaries.

A burglary can be traumatic and can result in the loss of property. However, burglaries are not the only crimes that you should worry about.

Invest in a fence.

Many will argue that a fence will prevent your neighbors from seeing if a burglar has entered your home. However, a tall fence will also prevent a burglar from spying on your home. A burglar will be wary of entering a house in which he has no idea what awaits him at the other side.

A tall fence will be another hurdle that a burglar has to overcome when he attempts to enter your property. Burglars prefer to avoid complications and a tall fence can certainly provide problems. It will make entering and leaving the property more challenging.

Aside from protecting you from intruders, a fence can also keep younger children and pets safe inside. Keep it even more secure with a gate reinforced with locks.

Keep shrubberies trimmed and well-maintained.

outdoor patio

The last thing you would want is to provide burglars a place to hide on your property. Eliminate all possible hiding places. Keep shrubberies trimmed, providing no cover and exposing any intruder when they enter your property. Keep shrubs short and neat. Clear away shrubs that look unruly. They will not only make your landscape look more well-kept and pleasant, but they will not be able to hide an adult.

Homeowners can also use shrubs as a defense against intruders. Plant thorny shrubs by your fence and your windows to make illegal and unauthorized entry into your home more painful. Bougainvillea and holly for instance do not only make your lawn look more colorful, but will also keep intruders from climbing over your fence or your windows. If you have a balcony, the climbing variety of bougainvillea can keep it from being easily accessible. You can also have them trained over your fence, so no one will dare climb over them.

Install a home alarm system.

A home alarm system is composed of motion sensors, indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, door sensors, window sensors, glass break detectors, and smoke detectors among others. Motion sensors can activate lights, cameras, or sound alarms once they detect motion. Cameras can record activities on your property. Most cameras are IP-based, so you can check the feed in real-time from your smartphone or computer, wherever you are.

Many people assume burglaries occur only at night. As such, homeowners usually turn off their alarm systems during the day. However, burglaries occur more often in the daytime, with people off to work and the children at school.

According to a survey by KGW News, burglars will immediately leave once they set off an alarm. When you are not at home, an alarm can also alert your neighbors of the burglary attempt in your home. Do not turn off your alarm system during the day, especially if you have to leave home.

Keep doors and windows strong and fortified.

installing glass doors

Your doors are one of the main entry points for burglars and intruders. Look for sturdy and solid doors in reputable door shops near you and replace your flimsy old door. Aside from ensuring that your doors are constructed solidly, install deadbolt locks. Deadbolt locks are difficult to jimmy, even with a pry bar.

Another thing that you should also work on is the door jamb. It refers to the frame that is attached to the rest of your house. It bears the weight of the hinges, and deadbolt locks also extend into the door jamb. Keeping the door jamb secured and reinforced will reduce its risks of being tampered with. Imagine if the door jamb were to fall off, it will take the whole door with it, giving anyone free and unhampered access into your home.

Another set of entry points that you should take care of are your windows. Make sure to update the locks and keep your windows maintained. Replace the glass when needed or if there are cracks. You can use plexiglass, which is stronger and more durable than your ordinary glass.

Home security is an important matter that you should take seriously. No matter how safe you deem your community to be, you can never be too complacent. Take charge of securing your home, and include it in your home renovation plans this year.

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