A Quick Guide to Simple Home Remodeling Projects

The pandemic caused most homeowners to spend more time in home redesign, expansion, and renovations as many people stayed at home. All of us want to make our spaces more livable and functional, and there are many ways to do that. Simple renovations improve your personal space at home aesthetically and make it more functional and comfortable. Here are some common remodeling ideas for your sanctuary:

Opt For Low-maintenance Flooring

Your floor is a crucial part of your home that can easily make or break your interior design. It’s recommended to select a flooring type that’s both versatile and low-maintenance. Since this is an important investment, prolong its lifespan by investing in epoxy floor coating systems that help protect against humidity changes, high impacts, and other damages.

Hardwood floors are one of the best low-maintenance flooring options for many buyers. Homes with wooden floors actually sell faster as they are more attractive and instantly add elegance to any space. They also make your home larger, making it more inviting. This kind of flooring is an easy way to have a good first impression as it’s versatile enough to adapt to almost all interior design themes.

You also have a wide range of designs and shades to choose from, especially with real hardwood floors, as they feature natural grains and swirls that add a unique character to your home. They also have other benefits such as improved air quality and acoustics in your home. Unlike carpet, hardwood does not trap dust and other allergens, and it reduces vibrations and hollow sounds in a room.

If your home already has hardwood flooring, you just need to maintain its beauty and extend its lifespan by simply vacuuming or sweeping to remove any dirt.

Have a Multitasking Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most common remodeling projects that homeowners undertake as it’s considered the “command center” of the home. More meals are prepared and eaten here, and they’re often the new location for schooling, work, entertainment, and more.

To accommodate these various activities, you can turn your kitchen into a multitasking hub by simply adding an island. It can be easily transformed from a space for fixing a meal to an area for a buffet and school projects.

You can also add multiple storage solutions such as tiered utensil trays, rollout shelves, and wall cabinets to maximize organization options and to make your space more functional. If you have extra space, create a small seating area where you can place a computer station, so you can make the most of your multitasking kitchen.

To make your life easier, invest in multitasking appliances to simplify your work without losing any functionality and gain more counter space. Microwave convection ovens and steam convection ovens are some appliances that downsize space while combining functions. Also, consider storing away less frequently used appliances to add more space on the counter.

An improved kitchen workflow can give you a sense of accomplishment when preparing meals for your family. Make your space work for you to make it comfortable and efficient for everyone.

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Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

Since the pandemic, more people shifted to remote working, and many of them utilized their patios and backyards as their home office. You can further enhance your space by adding new features that will let everyone enjoy and relax. For instance, adding enclosed porches can serve as your entertainment area or just a sanctuary where you can unwind and de-stress.

You can also add an outdoor pergola that’s not just aesthetically pleasing but can also serve as a place to host dinner parties, do your morning exercise, or just simply elevate your home’s value. You can either have a professional install it for you or personally design it by adding some flowers and furniture.

Enhance Your Background

Since many people work and study from home, most of them enhance their backgrounds to showcase their style and appear as professional as possible in their online meetings. You can also improve your “zoom room” through proper lighting, eye-catching furniture, and appropriate color choices that can make your blank space as striking as possible.

Simply investing in a great chair and installing a remarkable bookshelf can revitalize your room. You can create an interesting background by adding visually enticing elements such as vibrant wallpaper, artwork, or upholstered furniture. Remember to group pieces accordingly as they can be distracting if done incorrectly.

A home remodel can make substantial improvements in your home’s design, atmosphere, and functionality. These simple tips will surely enhance your family’s lifestyle, so start looking for things in your home that need an upgrade and enjoy the process of beautifying your home.

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